13 songs to spice up your Halloween Playlist

This time it is all about the music. With Samhain coming up some folks are sure to be celebrating Halloween and they should do so with the appropriate tunes. Here are my suggestions for spicing up your 2014 playlist: Tune #1: Halloween in Heaven by Type O' Negative Tune #2: Keep my grave open by [...]

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10 Mobile apps you didn’t know were hybrid

The introduction of the first iPhone has changed the internet forever with the introduction of mobile apps. Many people predicted in 2012 already that native apps (applications specifically written for iPhone or Android using Objective-C or Java) were soon to be extinct by a flood of HTML5 hybrid web applications. Until today, this hasn't happend. [...]

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Benchmarking my hardware

I recently had the chance to take most of my hardware offline so I could perform some overdue maintenance. Out of curiosity I conducted some benchmarks, just to see how the different boxes compare. I thought I might share them with you in case you are looking for some computing resources. Also, this article serves [...]

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10 Reasons to start using Meteor today

Meteor is the new isomorphic JavaScript framework that will make developer's lives so much easier and make users fall in love with your app again. I recently published a rather sarcastic article based on all the FUD I have been hearing the last couple of weeks about what I believe will change the way we [...]

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10 Reasons why you should not even consider using Meteor

You have heard of the hot new thing Meteor, right? Well, whatever people tell you about it: don't use it! Why? I will tell you ten reasons why you should reconsider right now and back off from it immediately: Out of the box Meteor is so limited, it can only be used to create web [...]

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Using pre-made themes with Meteor

If you want to build Meteor applications with style and you are like me, then good luck. I am the worst person in the world when it comes to (web) design. Thanks to the wonderful Bootstrap framework I can at least produce an ok look given my limited skills. But sometimes this is not enough. [...]

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International day against DRM

Everyday it seems there is a dedication to something. Before Towel Day comes up on May 25th this Tuesday May 6th is International Day Against DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and it is one of the most controversial (only rivaled by net neutrality) topics of our time, as we see a shift in [...]

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When your heart bleeds – Are you married to your password?

Oh boy, there is a lot of noise on the internet about something obviously very critical, yes even dangerous, and it affects everyone’s (!) lives (on second thought, perhaps not the lives of people that have no internet, power, even toilets). The problem is, how do you explain something as serious as Heartbleed to people [...]

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Set up nginx as a reverse-proxy for Jira and Jenkins

As you can probably tell, my motto for this January was infrastructure. I set up a new machine as my Xen host, automated the set up of Jenkins for PHP projects, and migrated Jira from my former server to a new virtual instance (sorry, no post. It was too simple to deserve one.). Now I [...]

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Setting up a CI environment for PHP projects using Jenkins CI

Having continuous integration (or CI) in your development cycle is almost like a silver bullet. It can not only help boosting your code quality but also increase your productivity significantly. Recently I have been working on some PHP projects and I came to the conclusion that I needed my own CI environment to improve my [...]

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