Using SSH Tunnels in practice

Many of the server environments I manage follow a simple pattern: Isolated Execution Environments. Introducing the home lab Typically a server environment does not consist of a single machine (those were the LAMP day for small web presences - but we are now way past that ;), but a collection of servers that provide fundamental [...]

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The illustrated guide to mobile apps with Meteor

Meteor is an amazing tool to create applications for the mobile devices. This guide shows you how to use Meteor to build, test, and send an app to the app stores. Note This tutorial is a bit long and goes through all required steps from initial app creation to download from the app stores! You'll [...]

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Meteor – not just for rockstars

Recently I prepared yet another introductory presentation about Meteor, the platform for building web and mobile applications. Alhough it is not fully self-explanatory it may be useful if you want to introduce the platform to friends or co-workers. Meteor - not just for rockstars from Stephan Hochhaus

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Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js

Meteor.js is an open-source platform built on node.js for rapidly creating reactive web and mobile apps. It is designed to allow programmers to create applications in a modern fashion, using up-to-date paradigms, most importantly reactive programming. Meteor became v1.0 on October 28th, 2014. Together with Manuel I am the author of the Manning book Meteor [...]

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Do I really need nginx with my meteor/node.js app?

Quick results with the Meteor platform and amazing success stories with Node.js lead to more developers slowly turning into sysadmins. Unfortunately being able to quickly deploy something to the web does not always mean you're doing it right. One of the most often discussed topics when running Meteor on the web is whether to use [...]

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Writing clean JavaScript code with ESLint and JS-Beautify

When you are starting out as a programmer you are happy for every bit of success, no matter how small. The least thing on your mind is writing pretty code, all that counts is functionality. Quick results. Sometimes advanced programmers find themselves in a similar situation. During a hackathon or when customers pressure you into [...]

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Where can I discuss Meteor?

Update In February 2015 the situation has changed - the Google Groups are no longer, please move over to the new Discourse forum for discussing Meteor. Of course, crater.io, IRC, Reddit and the others still exist. Only Google Groups has been abandoned :) The beauty of communities is that you can exchange ideas, discuss problems, [...]

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5 Apps that will help me stay organized in 2015

In 2014 I was a slob. Don't get me wrong, I got stuff done, but I feel I was way below my actual capabilities. This year, as I am sure everybody else out there thinks as well, will be so much better. Why? Because Apps! I decided to bet on a low-tech/hi-tech combination for increased [...]

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How VATMOSS changes the way we must think about UX

We all saw it coming, but we looked for some kind of miracle. Miracle never happened. (The Secret of my success) You may not even know it, but if you sell digital goods on the internet in 2015 you are affected by new tax laws. That is, if you have a single customer in the [...]

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Meteor hits 1.0 – Welcome to the new web

Hello Meteor! On October 28th 2014, the Meteor Development Group announced the availability of version 1.0 of their isomorphic JavaScript platform Meteor. 12 hours later, the post at Hacker News is at almost 500 points, Wired, Infoworld, and German Linux Magazin are among the first to cover the release, but you can expect a lot [...]

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