Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js

Meteor.js is an open-source platform built on node.js for rapidly creating reactive web and mobile apps. It is designed to allow programmers to create applications in a modern fashion, using up-to-date paradigms, most importantly reactive programming. Meteor became v1.0 on October 28th, 2014.

Together with Manuel I am the author of the Manning book Meteor in Action. It’s for everyone coming from traditional server languages like Ruby, PHP, or Java and even front-end engineers looking to cover the full stack. All you need are JavaScript fundamentals and HTML/CSS basics. Click here to get your own copy of Meteor in Action.

Why Meteor?


First, you need to know JavaScript, obviously. Not any frontend library like jQuery or MooTools, but the actual language (of course it doesn’t hurt to know a bit or two about libraries, esp. jQuery).

General Meteor Resources

Once you know JavaScript basics you can dive into Meteor. Since the aim of Meteor.js is to radically simplify app development, you will very quickly be able to see good results.


Code Examples

Sometimes it is best to study some existing sources to become more familiar with coding conventions, patterns, styles, and what not. Here are some interesting repositories you can learn from and -who knows? – possibly even contribute to.

Testing and Debugging

Ready for Production

Once the coding is done and your app is tested, you want to go live. For that the following may be interesting:

Keep up to date


The internet is great for up-to-date information, but sometimes a book (on paper or electronic) provides better structure and didactic concept, so that you may wish to use one in the beginning to make the most of your learning experience.

Built with Meteor

Especially if you’re just beginning your programming career the most convincing aspect to learn Meteor might be to showcase some of the applications using Meteor behind the scenes.

  • – The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings
  • Illustreets – England’s best places to live
  • MathFights – Test Your Math Skills In Real-Time Battles
  • Pantheon by MIT – Mapping Historical Cultural Production
  • Pintask – Task tracker with Kanban board, free for life + Custom extensions
  • RalphChat – Web-based and iOS/Android Chat
  • Reaction – Change the way you think about commerce
  • Repeeet – making tweet repeating super simple
  • Sonic Agile – A free agile Project Management tool that includes a real-time Backlog, Kanban, and Burndown Charts
  • TangoEdit – Collaborative, cloud-based video editing
  • Verso – The future of classrooms powered by Meteor & Phonegap
  • Workpop was funded with almost $8 million dollars and is a job marketplace for hourly workers.

Know more? Did I miss some interesting resource?

Do you know any other resources that you find useful in getting productive with the Meteor framework? Let me know via Twitter or Email and I will add them here. If you care for a much more verbose list of resources I suggest you head on over and contribute to Eric’s list of Meteor Learning Resources on Github.

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